Portrait of Mistress Michelle Lacy

South Florida and New York based Mistress Michelle Lacy was gifted this pen and ink drawing for her birthday by her favourite “pony pet”  here serving as her seat, in full leather costume complete with horse’s head and hooves. In the background another mistress rides a buggy at Mistress Michelle’s fantastic open-air play Order of Indomitus 

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Princess Aurora

I met dominatrix and cosplayer Princess Aurora  at the last Femdom Ball and talking about the Femdom Alice look I had created she said she’d be interested to dress the part for some custom photos. I had long wanted to see how it might look on a real person and this seemed a great offer as she was skilled in sourcing the right outfit. I was quite particular about the dress itself as it should not be a trashy rental costume but rather a plain dress contrasting with the gloves and whip.

I took the photos earlier in the year on a visit to the Fetish Emporium and I was delighted that she made so much effort to get the look just right. She definitely looks the part. Her classic English looks seem to promise a wonderland of naughtiness behind her innocent gaze.

So by way of return I made her the above drawing featuring herself in the costume, together with a very astonished March Hare!

Fantasy drawing of Mistress Tess


This drawing shows Mistress Tess wearing her adored Louboutin heels surrounded by “rokurokubi” slaves.


For the wonderful Femdom Ball in October 2016 I participated by offering raffled prizes.

..six copies of Venus in furs

"The Auction"
“The Auction”

…a Sardax original artwork

…and a fantasy portrait of one lucky winner (shown above).
By coincidence the winner of this turned out to be Mistress Tess, who just happened to have a drawing already commissioned – which you can see in this previous blog-post. Of course I could not do this during the evening of the Femdom Ball itself. Nor after a few drinks was I in any state to do so! – but a sketch was made and this served as a basis, as also something to take away as a prize.

Mistress Tess showing her Femdom Ball sketch

Portrait of Marti


The idea for this portrait of Marti (www.sensualwonderland.cz) arose from her love of cooking and a light-hearted description of her as a “Domestic Goddess”. So, in the picture she is literally feeding those who serve and worship her, but this also represents the way she feeds and nourishes them in a more metaphorical way. The image of a row of men came from one of her BDSM workshops (www.sacredpleasures.co.uk) in which she had 30 men kneeling before her.

The whips and St Andrew’s Cross in the background indicate that she also enjoys administering the rod. It is the combination of nurturing care and corrective cruelty which can be seen in the benevolent offering of her hand and in her mischievous smile.

Portrait of Miss Laura 2


In a previous portrait Miss Laura was shown with her cats :-https://sardaxart.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/portrait-of-miss-laura/

In this Christmas portrait for 2016 she is now shown in a shopping mall directing her slave to pick up even more bags and packages to the ones already piled up precariously on his back .
He will have to continue until either the pile collapses – or he does!