The Weimar Series

This recent series – made for Japanese magazine “Goddess love” (女神の愛) takes the theme of a drinking-club in 1920’s Germany, at the time of the Weimar Republic, where the main female characters are played by world-famous mistresses. I wanted to show a decadent and raffish atmosphere, but add a sense of nostalgia for a past period of modern history.
This is a club run by females for females, but also for subservient men so long as they are well behaved and paying :- if not, a strict management policy is enforced!

1. In the first scene Domina Liza, dressed in an opulent fur coat, is shown pointing to the illuminated entrance of the club. Her besotted and extremely wealthy slave will be required to take her inside for an exorbitantly expensive evening.

2. Now we see Lady Lola, playfully teasing a waiter who is dressed in a pretty waitress outfit. Her touch is obviously upsetting him so much he is likely to spill his tray at any moment.

3. The scene moves outwards to Mrs Weltsova who is sitting on a stool, sipping her cocktail, her feet being worshipped by an obviously drunk customer who is behaving very indecently .

4. Over comes Princess Aurora in her military-style costume and ejects him swiftly from the premises with a well-directed kick from polished boots. No rowdiness in this club!

In the tradition of these series it moves à la ronde back to the first image where the disgraced customer finds himself  collapsed in a heap and half-conscious beside the entrance.

If you live in Japan you can buy the present issue -No 15 – from Amazon.
Regrettably the magazine cannot be bought overseas.

The Milking Machine series

This series, originally featured on the Sardax member site 2004-2014, is very loosely set within a Russian prison system -a kinky Gulag maybe, where the inmates are regularly drained in the most humiliating manner possible. As a special treat I am featuring all six together-the quality of the drawing varies but never the inspiration.

The Milking Machine 1


“Not looking good, is it?”

“I’m sorry Ms Oksana, I really triiiiiiiiiied.Ooof..grunt..grunt..”

The milk bottle was totally consuming him. At regular five minute intervals the motor started up with a clinical whine which resonated round the efficient metallic wall casings. Then the pump would begin its merciless draining of whatever he had left within his sacs. He had been there now almost three days and couldn’t believe how he’d been transformed into a milk producer out here in this transformed Siberian gulag.

The milking was broadcast on milkingcam and relayed to the wardens’ station where it could be constantly monitored for output.

“This is only your twelfth time this morning. Why do I give you half an hour’s rest ? just so you can be thinking of pretty flowers and blue skies huh? It just won’t do. You are wasting all your body fluids on tears. Can you imagine what your body you could have done with that..another few ounces for the milk bottle, eh? “

Ms Oksana clacked her heels on the steel flooring and circled his features with the tip of her crop…slowly and sadistically.

“Too much sweat, too.”

She withdrew the crop and pushed the remote control device beneath his eyes. Maybe we need a little extra to squeeze some more out of you!

“Nooooo.I can’t take it any moooooooooooooooooooooooore!!!!”

The Milking Machine 2


Warden Oksana placed her finely woven high-denier stockings delicately on the ring encircling his swollen cock. With all the teasing skill for which her training had prepared her, she started to push and press the reinforcements up and down – infinitely slowly – and watching his tear-streamed face as he shuddered in pain  under the subtle pressure. The more his cock erected the tighter it was held back by the tightness of the ring and the inflexible tubular casing which ran down from it.

Slave 20 was placed within the “dry-milker”-a fiendish device which Tatiana, the director of the facility, had prepared for their amusement. Within the tube the cock was subject to a teasing and merciless vacuum pumping from the central motor hidden deep within the masturbatorium apparatus which funnelled his fluids relentlessly down to a main collection sewer.

“Another time the tickling and caressing from my toes could bring you to an incredible ecstasy – you never knew,” she sighed in mock sympathy, then smiled sweetly, ” but here, there can be no hard cock – just suck, suck, suck. You will be drained, the way we drained you of your money, now we drain you of your semen, soon to drain you of your soul!!”

Her crisply ironed blouse creased and flattened in rhythm to the heaving of her breasts as she inhaled and drank in the power over her tormented slave…

The Milking Machine 3


Warden Sonya gazed attentively at the bizarre sight in front of her. It was certain those few small lashes had caused the ejaculation. Only the third time he had come this morning. She sighed, and wondered if he would ever make the grade.

Slave 78 was a new arrival to the Masturbatorium and so had to undergo the simple vacuum pump device to enable him to start milking in the copius quantities that the institute demanded. Huge amounts were required daily and either the quota was met by quantity or by the number of milkings.Within a few days a hormonal change started to allow more production in the gonads so as to meet the constant demands of the suction device.

The cam 6 inches from his face showed up his intense suffering onto a nearby wall-mounted monitor. The images from the cam was played in the wardens’ rest area, where sadistic eyes watched his moans and tears with intense satisfaction, the moisture running down his cheeks reflected by a similar moistening in their loins.

The Milking Machine 4


The Chief Milker at the Masturbatorium always gave this assignment as a challenge to one of her most promising wardens. Warden Irina had shown considerable erotic potential in her short time on duty, and so found herself in the Suspension Stable. Usually the mere sight of her slender shape in uniform was enough to generate immediate erections in all of her charges. But here she could see from their red faces that the blood had rushed down into their heads, leaving precious little for their limp members.

As Irina pondered the problem, the sight of these pathetic beasts in their helpless suspended state caused a distinct wetness between her thighs. And that gave her the solution. Their heads were hanging at just the right height.

She strode over to the nearest and stood right up against him so that he could not help but breathe in the fragrance of her erotic excitement. She inched forward and rubbed the fabric of her skirt against his face, smiling as she saw his member first grow erect and then burst forth. She repeated the procedure with the next and the next and within a minute she had every single tube filled with the milky fluid.

Pleased with herself, and thrilled with the evidence of her power, she stood back to review her work and decided which one would receive a dozen sharp strokes from her crop. Well, she needed an outlet for all the sexual energy that was coursing through her. Hmm, that one in front of her, she remembered him from one of their recruiting drives in London. The cocktail bar of the Lanesborough Hotel if her memory served her well. His flesh was almost as milky white as his spunk. He would do very nicely…..

The Milking Machine 5 


New trainees are always a little over-enthusiastic.

Katya and Kasha joined the same day from the same village. They’d heard so much about the place – in fact Katya’s sister had worked there for a while and late at night gave juicy accounts of the duties that were required.

They had both been dying to try out all the apparatus but had to go through at least two days training before being set loose on their living prey.

The next morning they leapt in like lionesses hunting for meat, as some poor prisoner received the benefit of their deft fingerings and strokings, and they licked their lips in glee as they saw the liquids slosh about in the transparent perspex bowl above his head.

The weary older girls just looked on with an air of indifference, wondering how long it would be until they bored of the endless repetitive milking, day in, day out.

But for now they did not notice the hours pass. They almost didn’t feel they were earning. This was pure enjoyment. They would have worked night-shifts too, if they had been offered.
Giggling uncontrollably they skipped together from one male subject to the next, on and on throughout their shift.

The Milking Machine 6


Slave 45 was thirsty – really thirsty. She could tell that. Had she not been trained in the art of slave manipulation at Kharkiv University and graduated with first-class honours?

Warden Varozha could instantly tell when the slave was hovering on the borderlands of thirst and unconsciousness.
Quickly she reached to the utility cupboard nearby and took out a clear plastic funnel which she attached to the screw-fitting secured to his gag. She smiled down mercifully at him, taking care to push her breasts forward and let him smell the scent from her dark hair.

His eyes looked up pleadingly at her as she mercifully dribbled a thread of her saliva down the glass and he watched as it slowly, very slowly inched its way down to his mouth.

Varozha loved to hear his gurgling as the minimal liquid sought to quench his thirst.

“That will keep you until lunch time – Irina will be round later and will either give you more of -that,” she whispered as her white gloves cleaned the rim of the tube, “or maybe even some water itself. Which would you prefer, eh?”

She giggled teasingly.

“After all, we have to keep you full of liquid to get more pumped out of you…”

The Milking Machine series 2

The Funfair set of paintings

Following on the Gag-shop series, made for Japanese magazine “Goddess love” (女神の愛)  for my next “a la ronde” series where one frame leads to the next and back to the start, I requested four famous English mistresses to be models in an enactment of scenes from a femdom funfair.


In the first frame a pair of swing boats, supported by males tightly bound in black leather, showing the main participants in this series, Joanna Lark and Mistress Elizabeth Swan in the foreground and Mistress Evilyne and Mistress Elita.

In the second a carousel with male horses! Mistress Elizabeth is here riding one of her  submissives and behind them Mistress Evilyne with ‘kurdy’.

Then on to some stalls with a specialised form of femdom humiliation. The Shell Shock stall presents the ladies with the opportunity to humiliate males by throwing eggs at them. Mistress Evilyne enjoys the effect that a cracked egg makes as it trickles down the poor male’s head.

In the last frame a much darker scene – the “Torment Tent”. Mistress Elita touches a very suggestive lever of one of the electric shock-boxes, noticing the fear in the victim’s eyes, while Joanna Lark peeps in curiously.


If you live in Japan you can buy the present issue -No 12 – from Amazon.
Regrettably the magazine cannot be bought overseas.別冊秘性-女神の愛vol-12/dp/4776915707



Shanghai Bizarre

Shanghai Bizarre was one of the most interesting projects to come my way in my career as a femdom illustrator.

Around 2000 I was contacted by an old “China-hand”, many years out in the East, with a request to draw out six scenes of his oriental fantasies. He was very specific in the type of lady he wished me to draw – trashy, middle-aged, high-income, arrogant and vain. Leather skirts and high-heels a must. While this wasn’t exactly what I idealised I warmed to the project and the fantasies proceeded easily and imaginatively.

One of Nimrod’s own sketches.

The results speak for themselves. Here are some of them.

“The Exchange”

“The Boudoir”

“The Rickshaw”

“The Stocking Shop”

“The Coat Hanger”

“The Beauty Salon”  – featuring Miss Opium and Miss Patricia

“The Station” – featuring Lady Stlawrence


Thereafter we collaborated on a membership website for a year called Oriental Whip Queens-now defunct. Nimrod developed his own style of artwork until circumstances led to him to setting up his own individual site – Studio Oridomain. (Also on twitter @Nimzart ) It has been running for a few years now and is full of his own inventive fantasies. Even if middle-aged oriental women aren’t quite your thing  the sheer breadth of imagination in the scenarios will take your breath away. Do support this self-made illustrator.

Just two examples



Alice in Wonderland – Set 2

The first set of four illustrations of Alice in Wonderland for Japanese femdom magazine “Goddess love”(女神の愛) featured in this post was very well received. So as soon as it was published I started to think up more ideas. Brighton dominatrix Kountess von Kink graciously modelled as Alice (I had learnt while making the previous series she had long been a fan of the book and even played Alice in a school play.) The ideas did not flow as easily as the first set however and an adjustment was needed.

The two of spades acts as a title-board for the set while worshipping Alice’s boot.

At the Mad Hatter’s tea party again. She dangles that tea-soaked watch from her booted heel, while the Mad Hatter gazes up adoringly.

Alice rides a lobster through the sea

Why a lobster?

This illustration started as a single-page incorporating the griffon and the mock turtle vaguely indicated in the background, the reference being to the Lobster Quadrille.

The original single page rough before extension

The fourth was a rather weak idea about the croquet game. I felt that being the only watery piece it did not fit in with the other woodland ideas so rather than drop it (as I really liked the lobster concept) I extended the drawing into a double-page spread, eliminating the fourth painting and changed the scene from being in intimate contact to sitting on its back and riding it. Once I gave myself the extra space to develop it I felt sure I had made the right decision. Moreover, in a “what-the-hell” moment I simply abandoned the whole idea of including the mock-turtle and griffon as now irrelevant. Artistic licence or such.

I felt that after this I had exhausted the ideas in Alice in Wonderland but there was still ‘Alice through the looking-glass’ to consider and as I shall reveal in a forthcoming post, I tackled that in a rather different way…

If you live in Japan you can buy the present issue -No 9 – from Amazon.

Sadly the magazine cannot be bought overseas.


Club RUB flyers

Club RUB is one of the most long-established and respected fetish clubs in the U.K. Recently Kim, the founder of the parties, commissioned artwork for six club flyers to be used from July to December. These will be used to advertise their parties and take their subject matter generally from the theme of each party night..for instance -“Old School Night” in July or “Halloween” in October.

It’s not my usual style but it’s dramatic and suited to the fun-loving atmosphere which Kim creates so well for her club.

For more info and updates visit their website

The Gag Shop Re-enactment

In the post of 24th February  I wrote about a series of four drawings called “The Gag-shop” which featured four internationally renowned mistresses. In an unusual and wonderful development these same ladies – Mistress EzadaMistress Akella, Madame Catarina and Lady Victoria Valente  had the original thought of producing a custom photo session, together with videos, to re-enact the series.
I admit, when I first heard about this, I thought that it was a nice idea but nothing would come of it. For a start, all four mistresses have extremely busy schedules and it would be difficult to synchronise all in one place at one time. But to my surprise, as time passed the project was planned with such care and attention to detail that a time and location in Germany was indeed confirmed, convenient for all mistresses, and a professional photographer hired for the occasion. I grew more enthralled as I saw photographs of the props being made and heard reports of what was happening – and flattered too that unwittingly I had brought four mistresses together in a collaborative effort which has since led to them becoming not only partners but great friends too.

But to the photos.


Sardax Akella
No 1 – original painting

gagshop1_photoIn No. 1 Mistress Akella is walking down the street with a ‘dog’ on her leash carrying her purchases on his back. In the background is the gag-shop.


Sardax MEZ
No 2 – original painting

As we move into No. 2 we see Mistress Ezada Sinn looking in through the window of the shop, perhaps deciding which gag the dog beside her will be buying.


Sardax MC
No 3 – original painting

In No. 3 we have moved inside the shop and see Madame Catarina inspecting the various gags in the shop. There are some really exotic varieties here. In the background another lady has just bought some gags and the sales-assistant is wrapping them up for her.


Sardax LVV
No 4 – original painting

In No 4 we see that lady herself, Lady Victoria Valente looking menacingly at her own slave who has spilt her purchases all over the street. There will be consequences for him!In the background we glimpse Mistress Akella again which brings us satisfyingly round to the first frame again.

I was quite amazed at the result and hope you like them too. Please visit their sites for more information and photos:-

From left to right:

Lady Victoria Valente
Mistress Ezada Sinn
Madame Catarina
Mistress Akella

Studio 4

Please also see slavepj’s blog for more offshots and location photos .

The Four Seasons of Mistress Lubyanka

A few years back I was commissioned to produce not just one portrait but a series of five for the renowned Russian Mistress Lubyanka (now retired). The brief was to depict her in each season with a preface. It took a long time to produce –  almost a season each but the result was well worth the wait. The commissioner even added some explanatory text to each picture.



“The frontispiece shows Gaspazha standing, imperious, outside the sinister Lubyanka prison from which She chooses to take Her name. The building, the dreaded headquarters of the KGB, looms menacingly behind Her in the gloom of a cold Moscow evening, a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. Two slaves grovel on the icy cobbles, one female, gagged; the other male, hooded and blindfolded. They are a new gift for Mistress to play with and their heads are turned towards Her with fear and longing. Already they are collared and Mistress holds their leashes in Her hand. Behind Her the door to the Lubyanka is open, awaiting Her return to amuse Herself with Her new toys. Lights gleam in some of the windows – who knows what torture is occurring behind them even now as we view the scene outside? The image is framed by long single-tailed whips and beneath, in art deco Cyrillic the words proclaim Her Majestic Name; Mistress Lubyanka!”



“The violent Russian spring, that seemed to start in an hour and was like the whole Earth cracking.” “The Goddess, Regal, Noble and Sublime, Owner of serfs, inspects Her Estates. This is Maslenitsa, when the arrival of spring is celebrated. The skylark sings to herald the warmth of the sun after the long, grey winter, and we, Her worthless possessions, toil naked and collared in the chill of the April air to till Her fields and prepare Her lands for planting. But when Mistress passes by we must stop all we do to offer Her bliny and vodka. These symbols of the renewal of the sun and the water of the Earth – the bliny are as the disk of the life-giving, golden orb – will bless our labour for Her and, we pray, temper Her natural sadistic inclination to punish us. A slave bows, subservient beside the stallion on which She rides side-saddle, resplendent in Her warm fur-lined riding habit. One graceful foot rests on the slave’s hands, the other upon his head. He bears an elaborate, barbed table on his back and yearns only to press his worthless lips to Her divine boots. Mistress is indifferent to his aching need. She will abuse him if it pleases Her; and perhaps at any moment the cruel riding crop She holds with the reins will lash His grateful body into submission. She owns us; we are Her possessions, and every second of every day of every year we rejoice that we are Hers to torment as She desires. She is the Sun that rises at the end of winter and brings the warmth of spring to Her slaves.”



In the stifling heat of the Russian summer, Mistress has retired to a secluded dacha nestling in the shady heart of an ancient forest of silver birch. The endless woods are Her private pleasure gardens; here and there Her slaves are strung up, naked and helpless amongst the trees, awaiting the sweet agony of Her touch. She strolls amongst them, so Elegant, so Beautiful, clad only in the diaphanous silk of Her delicate dress. Mid-summer ferns form a soft carpet upon which She wanders amidst the dappled leaves. It is my joy to be one of these slaves; and it is at this moment my privilege to be the object of Her cruel amusement. A sheen of sweat glistens over my hairless body as i strain against the unyielding bondage of the ropes that bind me kneeling and exposed before Her. A silver chain around my neck bears the tag that identifies me as Her property. Harsh clamps torture my nipples and a leather gag muffles my blissful moans of anguish. Mistress stands before me, abusing me with Her bare feet. She turns my head towards Her with the bundle of birch rods with which so soon She will thrash me. My face is contorted by a mixture of fear and adoration, of pain and desire, as i submit to the exquisite ecstasies of Her torture. Gaspazha glows in the luminous heat. She smiles exultantly at the suffering of Her slave and is cooled by a nerve-tingling quiver of pleasure from my torment. For She knows that this is the very instant when Her slut has finally understood that he exists only to provide Her with gratification and enjoyment. She truly owns me; before it was just my body, but now my soul is Hers, forever.



“And with each Autumn I blossom anew” In the mountain fastness of Her Kavkaz estates, where the tumbling vines cling to the steepling slopes and hang over the gorge of the mighty Terek, Mistress Lubyanka has come to oversee the harvest of the year’s vintage. Already the leaves are falling gold and crimson from the trees, and whilst the sun’s once fierce light falls feebler now, the midday air is still warm at this time of Autumn. Her serfs toil quickly, for the grapes must be gathered in before the night-time frosts take them. Snow already caps the distant peaks. Hither and thither they scurry, heaving the heavy baskets that brim with the rich crop. Mistress relaxes on a cage, tantalising the prisoner within, and playfully smears crushed grapes over the face of a slave who grovels in abject and blissful worship beneath Her feet. She samples a previous vintage, named for Tamara, the anti-heroine of Lermontov’s poem – and is that the ancient tower of Tamara’s ruined castle we see in the distance? She holds the glass to the light to admire the wine’s golden lustre and exalts at Her control over all She surveys. How radiant She is! Ageless and Beautiful as an Angel amidst the magnificent withering of Nature. By Her guile and Her art She has sown the seeds of our bondage in the fertile soil of our submission. Now She reaps the abundant harvest of our souls and distils their essence for Her pleasure; oh God, that i were worthy of Her!



Now is the cruel Russian winter. Gaspazha is driving Her sleigh once more through the moonlight to Her dacha, which groans beneath the burden of snow that lies thick and deep across the land. Swirling flurries continue to fall, flecking all with the white confetti of midwinter. It is bitingly cold, and amidst the ghostly trees silvery shadows move; wolves howl in the vast distance. Does our Goddess care? Of course not! She is warmed by Her gorgeous furs and by the pleasure of whipping on Her troika and the three slave ponies that stamp and prance in their harsh outfits. No creature of the darkness would dare challenge Her, She is the Mistress of the Night, Her power commands all. For long hours the dacha slaves have gazed out in yearning for Her arrival, and now they rush forward joyously to meet Her; one greets Her by kissing Her boot, the other bears the assembled artwork that Sardax has prepared for Her delight. Her slaves may gasp and tremble in the icy air, but they know that all too soon their flesh will be warmed by the sweet sting of Her cane and the harsh caress of Her whip. Soon the boundless forest will echo with their moans of gratitude. She is the Queen of this land, Empress of all the seasons, Owner of our hearts. And at this very moment Her eyes are turned to gaze at us, Her lucky worshippers. They flame like stars with Her mischievously sadistic amusement and ask us all a simple, unspoken question; “Do you dare?”


The Gag-shop set of paintings

In this series for Megami-no-ai (Love of Goddess) the Japanese femdom magazine, I invited four internationally renowned mistresses to pose for each frame of a set of four paintings. They all willingly agreed to lend their assistance in providing photographic reference and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them. The theme of the set is a gag-shop.Yes, a specialised store only selling gags.


I was inspired by this fascinating drawing of Japanese femdom artist Anmo Night and wondered how it might be if a shop actually existed in reality where they could be bought.


In No. 1 Mistress Akella is walking down the street with a ‘dog’ on her leash carrying her purchases on his back. In the background is the gag-shop.


As we move into No. 2 we see Mistress Ezada Sinn looking in through the window of the shop, perhaps deciding which gag the dog beside her will be buying.


 In No. 3 we have moved inside the shop and see Madame Catarina inspecting the various gags in the shop. There are some really exotic varieties here. In the background another lady has just bought some gags and the sales-assistant is wrapping them up for her.


In No 4 we see that lady herself, Lady Victoria Valente looking menacingly at her own slave who has spilt her purchases all over the street. There will be consequences for him! In the background we glimpse Mistress Akella again which brings us satisfyingly round to the first frame again.   This is not the last word on the gag-shop series. Mistress Ezada, who appeared in the second frame, has had the fantastic idea of re-enacting the scene with all the other mistresses in a locale in Germany. Read more on this story here…

and see what happened in this post