Portrait of Mistress Ariana Chevalier


As befits her name, this portrait shows New York Mistress Ariana as equestrienne, in jacket, gloves and breeches, training her pony-boy at a warm exotic location, maybe a hacienda. He is harnessed in a bizarre horse-head costume and ready to pull her pony-trap, with another just to the side.

But is he merely a pony-boy?
Surely this one is a unicorn? And rare enough to be the unicorn that has commissioned this painting!

Portrait of Goddess Virgin


This depiction of Goddess Virgin started many months back with a thought of a road of banknotes thrown down for a mistress by adoring admirers. (Yes they aren’t the right colour for banknotes, I know)
The idea then developed into a road paved with gold, and by extension to the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz.
Then how would this Goddess look in a Dorothy costume, made subtly sexy by black leather gloves, a basket containing chains and collars etc.
In her right hand a riding whip , in her left that ever ubiquitous lifeline – the mobile phone.
Following her some way back struggling to keep up – a human ‘Toto’. The Lion looks on with stiff tail but the Tin man and Scarecrow are just resting in the field, having a quiet smoke -too exhausted to notice!

Portrait of Mistress Scarlet


This is a very personal commission.
All Sardax commissions are personal and unique, of course, but this one especially so.

Mistress Scarlet of Glasgow is depicted here arriving back from a visit to a faraway country indicated by the flags on the suitcases being loaded by one of her maids.

She has just entered a hunting lodge somewhere in the Scottish Highlands and takes off her coat and gazes down at us commandingly. To greet her, another of her devoted maids (the commissioner herself) has been strapped in extremely uncomfortable bondage to present a welcoming glass of her favourite relaxing drink. How long can he hold it for her? How long has he been waiting?

On the wall of the lodge there are paintings that allude to Mistress Scarlet’s personal and professional lifestyle – a visit to the gymnasium, spa and one of her sessions whipping another maid.
Beneath that an opera programme and some of her favourite books to while away the secluded hours -and isn’t that one of Sardax “Venus in Furs” there?

For this commission I was fortunate enough to meet the mistress herself on a trip to London and made a sketch from life. Being able to draw the subject directly helps of course to get a better idea but is by no means essential. For most photos and even video clips are more than enough reference.



Portrait of Mistress Veronica Vixen


L.A. based “Bad Bitch” Mistress Veronica Vixen wished to be depicted in the ‘classic’ monochrome style to give the portrait a retro look, with a night-time scene in a bizarre diner where gimps in tightly fitting leather serve as ashtray, lamp and to the right, drinks holder.
She does not need to move one inch from her seat and can devote her time to thinking of suitable punishments for her slaves.

Commissions are now being taken on for 2019


Portrait of Goddess Severa


The amazingly statuesque and powerful Goddess Severa is here depicted as a circus trapeze artiste, seated firmly on the commissioner of the portrait.
The original idea was that she would be throttling him with her feet. When that seemed too ungainly the alternative of her jabbing her toes to his lips and curling round his forehead seemed to work more effectively and emphasises the high arches of her beautiful legs.

Commissions are now being taken on for 2019


Mistress Adrienne at the opera


Mistress Adrienne, a resident of New York and a great lover of the opera is here shown relaxing at one of her favourite operas, Richard Strauss’ Salome. She gazes at us imperiously, showing off her stylish red heels on the balcony.

The style is something of an experiment, deliberately looser in feel to give the impression of immediacy .

Learn more about commissioning artwork at the dedicated commissioning page 

Domina Sara cuckolds


Here Domina Sara is shown cuckolding two of her favourite submissives.
In her hand she dangles a key to their chastity, while they grovel at her feet and admire her beautiful seamed stockings.
The “bull ” has been left deliberately faceless so as not to take the attention away from her. For indeed the “bulls” are many but there is only one Domina Sara.

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