Two portraits of Mistress Rebecca Knox


A portrait of the stunning Los Angeles based  Mistress Rebecca Knox (now retired)

In this portrait the commissioner shows his own transformation by her as she dresses him in wig, pretty clothes and applies lipstick, highlighted by red pencil. The archway reveals dresses leading to future delights.

Mistress Knox poses with her newly framed portrait

knox_lilithIn a previous portrait I had been inspired by her amazingly sensuous flaming-red hair and Pre-Raphaelite looks to make an updated version of this portrait by Victorian painter Dante Rossetti  – “Lady Lilith”.


Learn more about Sardax portraiture and commissioning  at the main Sardax website

Please remember if you are commissioning for a birthday or anniversary to leave a few months as there is usually a waiting list for commissioned artwork.

8 thoughts on “Two portraits of Mistress Rebecca Knox

  1. Two portraits of extraordinary beauty…Her expression in the first one is really amazing, promising subtle but intense pleasures that the watcher could maybe experience…While the second one exceeds the limits of a simple portraiture, with the well-cut focus of the main character, surrounded by those eerie, ghost-like faces, apparently suffering, but in reality happy with their never-ending Fate…

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  2. i have followed your art for some time and must say that having come across this today that it may be my favourite.

    Unusually for me as i typically devour those details first in your art I don’t notice the submissive imagery in background at first as i was so taken by your portrait of Mistress Rebecca

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  3. The second portrait of Mistress Rebecca is one of my favourites by the artist.

    Unusually for me I didn’t notice the submissive imagery in the picture which is what I usually zoom in on when looking at a Sardax picture but was struck by the beautiful central image of Mistress Rebecca

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