Shanghai Bizarre

Shanghai Bizarre was one of the most interesting projects to come my way in my career as a femdom illustrator.

Around 2000 I was contacted by an old “China-hand”, many years out in the East, with a request to draw out six scenes of his oriental fantasies. He was very specific in the type of lady he wished me to draw – trashy, middle-aged, high-income, arrogant and vain. Leather skirts and high-heels a must. While this wasn’t exactly what I idealised I warmed to the project and the fantasies proceeded easily and imaginatively.

One of Nimrod’s own sketches.

The results speak for themselves. Here are some of them.

“The Exchange”
“The Boudoir”
“The Rickshaw”
“The Stocking Shop”
“The Coat Hanger”
“The Beauty Salon”  – featuring Miss Opium and Miss Patricia
“The Station” – featuring Lady Stlawrence


Thereafter we collaborated on a membership website for a year called Oriental Whip Queens-now defunct. Nimrod developed his own style of artwork until circumstances led to him to setting up his own individual site – Studio Oridomain. (Also on twitter @Nimzart ) It has been running for a few years now and is full of his own inventive fantasies. Even if middle-aged oriental women aren’t quite your thing  the sheer breadth of imagination in the scenarios will take your breath away. Do support this self-made illustrator.

Just two examples



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