Portrait of Mistress Ava Zhang


I was fortunate enough to catch up with Miss Ava Zhang in her busy schedule on a stop-over in London to New York. We sat down and discussed the theme of this portrait. Rather than a conventional portrait of her sitting passively in the centre, she wanted more of a scene of herself actively whipping her bound slave with a signal whip.
One of her maids looks over his shoulder apprehensively as he cleans her apartment with a feather duster. The open cabinet betrays the tools of Miss Zhang’s profession and just a hint of dungeon furniture disrupts the cool contemporary interior.

6 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Ava Zhang

  1. I would surrender my manhood to be stripped, naked, whipped and beaten by Mistress Zhang! Forced to be one of her many maids of service and fodder for her exquisite painful desires of her domspace! A forced bi pain bitch!


  2. I would love to be one of Mistress Ava Zhang’s personal Staff bitch…Locked in her cell and let out prancing around in my sissy outfit wearing a cock cage as I make her tea, cleaning her home and fluffing her lovers in her bedroom as my mind is about compliance and obedience…


  3. The future…Many Mistresses will have slaves as they have shoes as the accepted norm in public. Pink collared and leashed to indicate statues of beta in public places, used for service, strap-on daily to be broken down as a bitch fit for fluffing the Mistress Bulls…


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