The Beach

It has been a strange summer locked-down at home, with remarkably little happening, except in my imagination ( which is actually where I live most) but my sabbatical continues nevertheless and I have the opportunity to explore new ways of depicting the femdom experience.

One day in early summer I imagined the seaside – which I should have visited at least once this year – and the idea of a couple together enjoying the sea view came to me.

I quickly sketched out the idea on the iPad and tweeted it.
It proved popular and the beautiful and remarkable Mistress Ezada Sinn, whom I have drawn on numerous occasions, loved the idea and praised the sketch.

As she expressed interest in it, we arranged that she would fund me to develop the rough further and produce a more finished picture (although digitally – not in conventional paints) I send this through as a file to her and printing it off, she framed and hung it on her wall.

She even made a Youtube video about it, where she reads out my thoughts about the artwork.

Mistress Ezada Sinn speaks about her new artwork.

10 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. You are such an adorable artist and your new style art give us so much good feelings, that I was inspired for a new text on my blog. Sorry, my english ist not good enough, I write in german, but I’d like to try to translate the text this time, so you can imagine a little bit what your work did to me:

    You show me your world

    I love to reach places with you where I can feel the good feelings they give to you.
    I love everything what is good for you. I am a basic element for your well-being and to feel it is a deep reason for my happieness. I am so lucky you want to show me your joy, also when I show you my favorable places. I am your reality. And I kneel in awe by you, see the beauties with your eyes, and my world itself becomes even brighter. When I feel that you can pause, linger in the best sense of the word, when your thoughts and your body are in harmony and your soul is whispering with the waves, I see an angel who is bounded with his sky and a tree whose roots are full of power. How could I want anything else than to honor heaven and earth, than to search for light with you and give water to the roots, exactly as it should happen here in this blog, day after day?


  2. Lovely image. I’ve been a fan of your work for many years, after first being introduced by the amazing Saharah Eve and the drawings you did in her honor.

    Sorry to nitpick, but even the most extreme dominas do not wear heels on the beach. Can you imagine trying to walk in soft sand with those?


    • This question has been answered in another context (garden parties and lawns) by the noted Femdomme author Carmenica Diaz
      She pointed out that women in the know wore heel discs which spread the load of the heel so they would not sink in.
      However, I agree that Sardax’s Domme would do well to let her hair down and go barefoot on the beach
      After all, her boy could carry her shoes between his teeth?


  3. This issue was mentioned by the noted Femdomme author Carmenica Diaz in connection with wearing heels at garden parties on on lawns. Apparently, one wears heel discs which reduce the pressure of the heel preventing it sinking in – but I agree that the Domme in Sardax’s picture should let her hair down and walk barefoot. Perhaps her boy could carry her shoes between his teeth?


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