Portrait of Mistress Vianne


In Reverence of Mistress Vianne’s Step. 
The portrait shows Mistress Vianne, based in Melbourne, Australia and touring.

The commissioner, Benjamin writes:

“With our five year anniversary approaching, I commissioned this portrait with the intention of immortalising my servitude to my Owner, Mistress Vianne.

The subject matter was inspired by a Sardax image from a number of years ago, which Mistress Vianne and I have recreated in our play: In reverence, the slave casts himself into the mud for Mistress Vianne’s passage. I yearned to throw myself at her feet in the muddy gutter, so that her shoes might remain unsoiled as she crossed the street.

I gifted the image to her as a surprise at the end of our Christmas celebrations, just prior for her departure to London. She was indeed surprised and overjoyed.

I would like to thank Sardax again for his professionalism and skill in the production of a work of art that my Mistress will cherish always.”

5 thoughts on “Portrait of Mistress Vianne

  1. This is truly a great FemDom art piece Sardax . I just love the nonchalant elegance of this stunning Lady, Mistress Vianne as she walks her slave down the street . What a great outfit and the superior look on her face says it all . I would throw myself down in front of her too !


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